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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's been a rough couple of days. Trying to find a lawyer that wants to take my case is proving fruitless. Tried to call Keller and Keller, they won't take my case because my injuries are extensive enough. So I'm going to try to call a few more. I may be better off representing myself. I laughed when I first through about that, because just the other day I was told by my best friend Tori that I really do have the personality to be a lawyer when I took this test on It was quite intresting, although I don't feel like paying my way through law school, so I think I will stick with accounting.

My sister has recently decided to start looking for a new job. She is fed up with all the crap she has to go through at her current job. I wish her the best of luck in finding one she likes. After all she is dependant on others for rides to and from work. She can work wherever she wants since she always has the car. Oh, well, someday I'l be able to afford my own car.

I'm excited about this friday. My brother has another game and it's PAYDAY!!!!!! I've already got my list of bills together thatI'm going to be paying. Just need to make sure that I leave myself a little money for food. Don't want to go hungry.

Also this friday I'm having my brother over! Were going to have pizza for dinner and drinks from Rickers. Then we're going to play games and watch TV. And I'l have him half the day on Saturday since my mother is working. Yay! Time to catch up on Spanish lessons!!!!!

Well the Voice comes on at 10pm tonight. I can't wait until it comes on. I'm routing for Blake Sheltons team. Miranda Lambert is so lucky. He is such a hunk! Oh that reminds me. This past monday was my last physical therapy session! I'm going to miss that dreamy Jarred! My therapist was so cute!!!!!!!

Well I've got a headache coming on. I'l post again soon. For now....¡hasta la vista mis amigos!

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