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Friday, May 6, 2011


Well it has been a long week. Finally, school is done for this semester, I'm taking the summer off. But my work schedule will still be messed up until I'm finished with my physical therapy. For all those who don't know, I was in a car accident on Sunday, April 17th at about 1:30-2pm in down town Anderson. It wasn't my fault it was the fault of the other driver, but unfortunatly I am still suffering Whiplash from this.

It's not easy getting back on your feet after having to deal with such a situation. If I were the only person that was in my vehical at the time, then perhaps the way I feel would be diffrent. For about two weeks now besides the whiplash I have been in such a depression. No motivation to do anything. I just want to lay around being lazy, give up on just about everything.

And talk about men. Why do men feel the need to ask a girl to get nude on camera? Then when you tell them no, no matter how many times they beg, they call you names. I have DIGNITY! I'm fed up with the way that I've been treated by men. So until one comes into my life that I feel as though I can trust with my heart that I won't get hurt for the umpteenth time, I plan on staying single. You don't like it? Oh well. It's my decision.

I've had a long day with barley and sleep the last two days becuse a few people feel the need to continue to text or call me into the wee hours of the morning. I don't care if YOU usually stay up that late and don't go to bed until 4am, but some of us have a job! I have to be up at 6am and most times don't get hom until going on 10pm. I'm tired! I don't mind people texting me...but please have the decentcy of texting me at a reasonable hour.

I've got much to do tomorrow:

  • clean two bathrooms

  • dishes

  • vacuming

  • sort my beads (which I knocked over a month or so ago)

  • clean my room

  • put all of my school stuff away until august

I'd also like to go to my brothers baseball game. It's the second one of the season. I'm so proud of him and I make sure that he knows it almost everyday. I love my family and I am thankful that God blessed me with them.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, <3 I think I subscribed through I Google, created a page, but my software is having a little trouble so if it doesn't work, my apologies sweety - re-those guys, if I were you, I'd cut them off, burning bridges with jerks is no great loss and frees you up to meet the nicer people out there, if people are also texting you at all hours, you can turn off your phone, set your alarm and or drop those people who cannot respect you. Love will come your way, just got to look in the right places, and avoid the types of guys you've encountered and their haunts.. I am always here for you sweety *hugs* XOXO